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The art of writing in the last few years have undergone a major shift from diaries and notebooks to computers and now to the virtual cloud. Phone comes with larger screen today, there are even external keyboard supports for tablets. If you love writing, this is a great time to start your gig while on-the-go from the comfort of your smartphone.

Most of these smart devices support word processing capabilities and some amusing apps to give writers the push to keep their wits and pencils sharp. Here we are giving the list of best writing tools for the smart novelists and creative jotters of this generation.


The Best Thesaurus Apps for Writers Are As Follows:


  1. Medium




Medium happens to be one of the most popular platforms for aspiring writers today. You can write and share your story and also read others. You can choose your favorite topic of interest from a large pool of options, follow people and explore everything they share from new ideas to individual views. Additionally, there is a members-only feature that lets you enjoy the audio version of different stories.

Medium gives a platform that helps you learn, interact and grow as a writer. You can add pictures, mention people and save incomplete stories as draft. If you are read a lot and appreciated by members of Medium, you will be paid as well.

Download the app on Android and iOS.


  1. WordPress




Who does not know about WordPress? It is another popular application among bloggers. If you are a tad more into writing, there are even chances of you knowing few of the writers on the platform personally. You can share your creativity, poems, short stories, travel stories, love tales, heartbreak pieces on the app and follow others as well.
#Hashtags let you discover similar content and enjoy the pleasure of reading them. If you like them, you can even like, comment and share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

Download the app on Android and iOS.



  1. Evernote




Evernote is currently taking writers by the storm. You can store your data in its cloud storage and later access it from anywhere by simply signing in from your Google account. This also means you can switch from your phone to your desktop and resume writing.

What’s unique about Evernote is it lets you save your writings as texts, photos, audios, videos or any other format for that matter. Attaching pdf files, word files and other documents is also possible. Use it to make checklists, reminders or as your personal diary with a passcode lock or fingerprint sensor.

Download the app on Android and iOS.


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  1. Mirakee




Mirakee looks like Instagram. The app happens to be a community formed with published writers across the globe. It is a good platform for aspiring poets and storytellers to socialize with like minds. You can add creativity by using background or caption and post your story on the app. You can follow contemporary writers and friends.

The app is very easy to use. All you need to do is sign in with your Google account. On the next step, it will ask whether you are a published writer. If you are, the app will feature and promote your article. You can also repost what others have written, if you liked it.

Download the app on Android and iOS.


  1. iA Writer




iA is a word editor app. It is simple yet catchy. And though free on Android, it is paid on iOS. It has a very beautiful interface, you can enable night mode and also preview your writing. Similar topics can be saved under similar folders.

iA Writer lets you link your content to the Google Drive so that you can access it from anywhere else. If you have a WordPress or Medium account, you can simply share your work with fellow writers there.

Download the app on Android and iOS.


  1. List For Writers




Are you stuck during brainstorming sessions and don’t know where and how to proceed? Well, this is the app for you. You get a list of creative ideas for writing on this app. A spark inspiration you might say! You can choose from a plethora of options like the name of your character, personality traits, storyline, occupations, nemesis, verbs, etc. and build your storyline.

Download the app on Android and iOS.


  1. YourQuote




YourQuote is a rising platform for poets and quotes writers. Its interface is similar to Instagram where you can follow friends and strangers. You can write a quote or a poem, choose a background, font type and when you are sure that you are done, upload it on the app.

The app also takes the initiative to help you grow as a writer. You get daily challenges as writers to come up with new poems, quotes, verses, etc. To make your work discoverable, you can also use captions and hashtags. The app lets you record live audio or video while performing. You can directly share your work on WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. If you are creative enough, YourQuote can make you famous.

Download the app on Android and iOS.


Note: Since technology is everywhere, why not use it to boost creative thinking? These apps are available for both Android and iOS users so that no one misses out on the path to becoming successful writers. Let us know in the comments if you liked them.

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