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With time, your Android phone usually becomes slow and even leads to sudden crashes. This is mainly due to accumulated junk and occupied RAM. Hence, you need a phone cache cleaner and RAM cleaner app for your Android device.

First, let’s find out…

What is Phone Cache? 

Phone cache consists of accumulated junk files on your Android device. It generally includes residual files such as temp files, system cache, app cache, etc. These junk files are created by the installation and usage of apps on your device. The phone cache keeps on accumulating and remains on your phone until it is cleared using a phone cleaner app for Android.

Why Do You Need to Clear Phone Cache?

When you use the installed apps on your smartphone, the apps start creating cache files such as temporary files, installation files, etc. on your device. These cache files are of no use for you. With increasing time and additional apps, the size of phone cache keeps on increasing. This phone cache not only occupies your precious device space but it also hampers the performance of your device. Hence, you need to get rid of the phone cache on your mobile.

What is a Phone Cache Cleaner?

A phone cache cleaner is an Android app that cleans cached data on your Android phone. A decent app cache cleaner can easily delete cached data of all the installed apps very easily, that too in very less time.

If you try to clear the cached data manually, it can be very exhausting and may be not as effective as well. That’s why you need a phone cache cleaner app to clear cache files. A phone cache cleaner cleans all types of cached data, including but not limited to APK files, app cache, empty folders, system cache, temp files, etc.

Which is the Best Phone Cache Cleaner for Android?

ITL Phone Cleaner is the best phone cache cleaner app for your Android device. It scans your phone for various types of junk files residing in every corner of your phone. It then provides you with the detailed results of all the junk found along with their sizes. You can manually select which files you want to remove. By default, the #ITLPhoneCleaner selects all categories of junk files except the APKs as they could be essential for you. You can clean all the junk found in just a single tap and recover a considerable amount of space on your device, and hence get a much better working device. Get more space and enhance the performance of your Android phone with ITL Phone Cleaner.

Now, let’s Move to the RAM Cleaner part…


Fig.1 – All You Need To know About Ram Cleaner App


Generally, you can do multiple tasks on your Android phone at a time. As android devices are multitasking devices, there could be many processes running in the background of your device. These running processes could occupy your memory space and highly degrade the performance of your device. When your Android device performs poorly, it could further lead to low storage, high battery draining, heating issues and many more. Hence, you need a RAM cleaner for your Android device to free up the RAM and optimize the working of your device.

So, What is Device RAM Anyway?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a very important part of your Android device. But, most users are not aware of this. When your phone is occupied with active apps and processes (full RAM), then it may result in a slow performing device and other similar issues.

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Hence, if your device is not performing well, one of the ways to increase its responsiveness is by clearing its RAM. This process will close your active apps, clear any additional data and reset your applications to give you a faster device.

Why Do You Need to Clean Phone RAM?

Android phone work in a very similar way to computer systems. Therefore, it’s very common for them to slow down and perform in a sluggish manner with increased time and higher usage. Thankfully, there are several Android applications available to help you enhance the performance of your mobile phones by freeing up your device RAM. These apps are called RAM Cleaners. With a RAM cleaner, you can clear your phone RAM and boost its performance in a very easy manner.

What is a RAM Cleaner App?

A RAM Cleaner app is very essential for your slow performing Android phone. When there are too many applications running in the background of your device, it is not possible to terminate each and every app manually. This process is complex and time-consuming. Instead, you can use a RAM Cleaner in such cases. A RAM Cleaner app is an Android app which allows you to terminate the active apps/processes on your device. Hence, it frees up your device RAM and highly enhances its performance.

Which is the Best RAM Cleaner App for Android?

best-ram cleaner-app

Fig.2 – Which Is The Best RAM Cleaner App For Android

ITL Phone Cleaner is the Best RAM Cleaner App for your Android device. It is specifically designed to release RAM on your Android so that your processor becomes free and could be used for the apps that you really want to run. Just a single tap on a button can boost your device to a great extent.

ITL Phone Cleaner can powerfully optimize the memory usage of your Android device, free up RAM and make your device work well. It uses intelligent techniques to manage your device’s memory and use the RAM in a better way. It will help you free up Android RAM, prevent frequent device crashes and keep it running more smoothly.

ITL Phone Cleaner is the best phone cache cleaner and RAM cleaner for your Android device and is a must for every Android user. The app enhances your Android performance by offering several other optimization features (CPU Cooler, Antivirus, Game Booster, Social Cleaner, App Manager, etc.) as well. Hence, it is a complete solution for your Android device which can efficiently optimize your device. Download the app now to boost your device performance and keep it running like a new one.

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