26 Jun 2018

Cleaner App

Fig.1 – Complete Cleaning Solutions For Android – ITL Phone Cleaner

It won’t be misleading to highlight the fact that the world sees phone companies launching brand new smartphones versions in the market almost every other week (each more futuristic than the other!).

While each one of them has new features infused as their USPs, what is the one thing common in all of them?

Answer. It’s fast speed!

When you hold a new phone, everything is so quick. Phone starts in a flash. Apps open immediately. Transitions are as smooth as they can be.

But after a few months, they get slow. Lags, freezes, and app crashes become common and so thus your frustration.

If you ask why? There can be a lot of reasons behind it. (Junk files, cached data, background apps, OS, etc.).

You will need a cleaning master (Phone Cleaner – #1 Best Cleaner App For Android in the market!).

But first things first!

Top 3 Reasons Why Do Android Slow Down Over Time


Fig.2 – Reason Why Do Android Phone Slow Down


Getting straight to the point, your smartphone starts slowing down because of three basic reasons:

  1. Junk Files
  2. Background running apps
  3. Operating System


  1. Junk Files – Junk files are temporary files (cache, residual files or empty files) created and left behind while installing various applications or running programs on your Android device. Though they may sound pretty harmless, too many junk files take up a lot of space. If your internal storage is full, it will affect your device’s performance.Though Android has a built-in feature to take care of basic cleaning, you need more of an advanced clean up tool to get rid of junk files. ITL Phone Cleaner is a fast, easy to use and very effective #mobile junk cleaner that makes the task at hand easier for you.
  2. Apps running in the background – Though it is normal for your phone to run Android apps in the background, problem arises when there are too many (useless) apps functioning for no apparent reason.Apps run in the background at the expense of RAM. More active background processes mean more RAM is being consumed affecting its speed!
  1. Operating System – Well not the Operating System in general, but its updates. When Google introduces a new version of Android, it is not always necessary that it will do wonders for your phone. If the update is not properly optimized for your phone, it may slow down your device.


What’s next? The obvious.

Tips To Speed Up Your Android Phone


Fig.3 – Tips To Speed up Your Android Phone – ITL Phone Cleaner


Now that you know why does your Android slow down, let’s move on to the next step (how can you fix it?). Here are a few expert tips on how to do so.


Let’s begin!.

  1. Free Up RAM – As discussed above, freeing RAM can surprisingly improve the speed and performance of your device. Here’s how you can do it manually.
  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Look for Developer options. Tap on it repeatedly for seven times to open this option.
  • Now, go to Running services. As you tap on it, it will display how much RAM is being used along with a list of all the apps currently using your RAM.
  • Tap on the apps you do not need and hit Stop to release unnecessary RAM occupied by those apps.


  1. Free Up space – Never let your internal storage fill to its full capacity. You can make space by deleting cache files and junk data. Here’s how to do it manually.
  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Find Storage and tap on it.
  • Tap on Internal storage. Let the system calculates removable space.
  • Tap on Cached data. It will ask for permission. Tap OK


  1. Disable Animations – Another reason why your app is taking forever to open is that of those animations you love so much. Though they look great, they make your phone slow.
  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Find Developer options and tap on it.
  • Scroll down to Window animation scale. Set it at 0.5x to reduce the animation (to 0.0x in case you want to get rid of it completely).
  • Repeat the same for Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.


  1. Uninstall Unused Applications – It’s time you filter those unused applications and games on your phone and uninstall them. You get two benefits out of it more RAM and more space.


  1. Keep your Home Screen Clutter – Free If you are using a budget phone, enabling a live wallpaper may slow down its performance. You may experience unexpected lags while multitasking with different apps. Therefore, keep your home screen neat and clean. Switch to a static background for improvement.


  1. Use An Android Phone Cleaner – Use a cleaner app for Android to clean up your storage. If not all, but the good ones are great. (One such super cleaner is the ITL Phone Cleaner).An Android cleaner is a utility tool that keeps your device optimized and running at its best performance. It can delete junk files, useless data, and cached files with a single tap.

ITL Phone Cleaner – Best Cleaner App For Your Android Phone


Fig.4 – Best Cleaner Android App


ITL Phone Cleaner has thousands of happy and satisfied users on the Google Play Store. The app boasts of an impressive 4.5-star rating. Undoubtedly, this powerhouse app is the lightest and smartest junk cleaner for Android available out there.

The application optimizes background apps, frees RAM, removes unnecessary data and protects your device malicious threats with just a single touch. Additionally, the app offers a phone booster, battery saver, and an app manager. It also monitors the CPU usage, battery levels, and temperatures.


Following are the key highlights of ITL Phone Cleaner:


Fig.5 – Key Highlights of ITL Phone Cleaner


  • Junk Cleaner It can seamlessly scan and remove junk files, app caches, system caches, temp files, APK files and empty folders from your device leading to more space and better performance.


  • Phone Booster – It offers one-tap boost option to optimize your lagging smartphone. It helps you disable active background processes taking up unwanted space and also kill auto-start apps for durability.


  • Battery Saver It helps you monitor your battery life and prevent it from premature draining. It has the power to terminate all power consuming functions of your device and create a customized profile that will extend your battery life.


  • Social Cleaning – It lets you de-clutter your digital footprint. You can scan all sent and received files on various social media apps, manage and delete the unnecessary ones.


  • Antivirus – It scans your phone for viruses in real time and keeps your data safe and secured. It has the ability to perform a deep scan to eliminate privacy risks.


  • App Manager – It displays a list of all installed apps on your phone so that you can make an informed decision which to keep and which ones you can uninstall. The app also keeps a backup of apk files so that if you change your mind and plan to re-install any app, the process becomes less time consuming.


  • Game Booster – Turn your phone into a gaming console by placing your game on priority. This feature terminates unnecessary background processes to extra space for smoother gameplay.


  • CPU Cooler – Turns out, overheated CPU temperature can slow down your device performance. CPU Cooler can bring your Android’s temperature to normal.


ITL Phone Cleaner = Phone Cleaner + Junk Cleaner + Cache Cleaner + Android Cleaner + Cleaning Master + Super Cleaner + Virus Cleaner + RAM Cleaner

#1- ITL Phone Cleaner – All-in-One Cleaning Features


Fig.6 – Features of ITL Cleaning App for Android


Phone Cleaner – Remove unnecessary files on your device with a single tap. It is highly effective in removing useless files and empty folders. You can even uninstall unwanted apps with ITL Phone Cleaner.


Junk Cleaner – Erasing data from your device has never been this easier. It scans and cleans out junk files occupying valuable disk space. It gets the job done with a pleasant interface while improving device performance.


Cache Cleaner Keep your phone clutter free with cache cleaner. This one can help you get rid of system and application cached files that are not needed anymore. It provides regular maintenance speeding up your device in the process.


Android Cleaner – Improve the performance of your device with one-tap smart cleaner for Android. It is an all-inclusive tool that can analyze and safely remove residual files to free up storage.


Cleaning Master – Rated as the best cleaner for Android, it is capable of cleaning large files and unwanted data cluttering your phone. It is a very powerful cleaner that lets you experience the speed that you had always cared for.


Super Cleaner – Enjoy better speed, more space and improved performance with this powerful super cleaner. Now reduce junk files to a bare minimum to keep your phone running smoothly. Get the most speed out of your Android phone.


Virus Cleaner – Scan your device for potential risks with the best virus scanner. Find those sneaky software loaded with virus or malware threats that you may have downloaded before they cause severe damage to your personal data.


RAM Cleaner – Free up RAM to increase the speed of your Android. The more RAM space you have, the better gaming speed you can enjoy. Easy, intuitive, faster and better cleaner than its competition.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I clean my Android phone?

Almost all Android devices slow down after a few months of use. This happens for a number of reasons (accumulated junk data being the major one). Majority smartphones offer two different storage: internal space where apps are stored and a slot for your microSD card where big files like music, photos, and videos can be stored.
While the SD card is easy to clean (simply choose files and tap on delete), clearing internal space could be tricky. Here’s where cleaner apps like ITL Phone Cleaner comes in handy. They check your storage usage and cleans them up without the need for you to do it manually.


Why Do We Need A Cleaner App?

An Android cleaner app deletes junk files, cached data (both system and app) and other useless files to free up space. It could be useful for a number of other reasons too. They include:

  1. To uninstall old or unused apps
  2. To keep your phone optimized
  3. To boost memory and increase performance
  4. To avoid freeze and crash
  5. To free up ram
  6. To control CPU temperature
  7. To extend battery life & more.

Which Cleaner App Is Best For Android Phone?

ITL Phone Cleaner is the best mobile cleaner app for your Android phone. As one of the highest-rated apps in the Play Store, upon using it, your phone will feel like as it just came out of the box.
“ITL Phone Cleaner” will help you clean anything and everything that makes your phone lag. The app has a striking interface with intuitive features like junk cleaner, one-tap phone booster, battery saver, app manager, game booster, duplicate photos remover, social media cleaner, and antivirus.
ITL Phone Cleaner helps you release abundant RAM and boost performance way smarter than most other similar apps. You can install the ITL Phone Cleaner and check it out for yourself.

What Is The Fast Cleaner App?

Just a single use, ITL Phone #Cleaner #app can make your device faster, lighter and cleaner. The app uses advanced monitoring techniques to scans your device and helps it run smoother than before.
The junk cleaner detects junk files, cached data, apks, empty folder and residual files with accuracy. With strong one-tap boost effect, the app offers better and faster user experience. Save more RAM (plus more battery) with ITL Phone Cleaner. And not to forget, it cools down CPU temperature within seconds.


The Final Call

There are literally thousands of Android cleaners available on Google Play Store. All appeal to more or less the same features – cleaning and boosting your phone! Then on what grounds does ITL Phone Cleaner stand out from the rest?

Well, it’s the users and their positive feedback that keeps this phone cleaner going. The app is available for free download. There is also a pro version of the app which is actually its no-ads version (plus) is loaded with a few extra features. ITL Phone Cleaner is the best cleaning master for Android which is definitely here to stay.