27 Jun 2018

Android Cleaner

What is an Android Cleaner?

An Android Cleaner is a type of cleaning utility for your smartphone. It keeps your Android device completely clean and free of junk. Additionally, it boosts the speed of your device and enhances its overall performance so that it runs smoothly.



Fig.1 – All You Need To Know About Android Cleaner


An Android Cleaner app gives your device an extensive device cleanup to provide more space and better speed. It uses advanced cleaning technology methods to clean junk and cache files with just a single tap. This cleaner for Android optimizes your phone storage to give you the best out of your device.


ITL Phone Cleaner is the best Android cleaner app of 2018 for your Android device. It cleans all the useless junk files present on your device and boosts your device’s overall performance. ITL Phone Cleaner is a complete Android device cleaner.


Why you Need an Android Cleaner app for your Device?

When you use your Android device for a long time, it accumulates hundreds of junk files such as temp files, app cache, system cache, empty folders, APKs, etc. These files are mostly created by the applications installed on your phone and they use up a lot of storage space on your device and highly impact your phone’s performance.


You must get rid of these junk files to gain storage space and ensure regular and smooth working of your device. An Android Cleaner can easily delete these files and let you recover a high amount of storage space on your device, hence optimizing it in the best way possible. Therefore, you require an efficient cleaner for Android.


An Android cleaner scans your Android phone for all types of junk files and cleans them to make your device completely clean and recover a good amount of storage space. ITL Phone Cleaner is such an Android Cleaner which not only makes your device free of junk but also optimizes the performance of your smartphone.



Why do you Need to Clean Junk Using an Android Cleaner?

When you install different apps on your mobile or use the phone to browse the web, stream YouTube, play games, or do other things, it creates a lot of junk files in the phone memory. Therefore, the device becomes overloaded with several junk files.


These junk files keep on increasing over time even when they are no longer needed due to the continuous usage of the device. Moreover, the more data you have on your device, much slower is its performance. Hence, you need to clean these junk files from time to time with an Android cleaner app. If the junk files are not cleaned on a regular basis, it can hamper your device performance and highly slow it down. At this point, a cleaner app becomes very important.


Also, deleting junk files will let you give you lost device space. As a result, this will give you more space for new applications and media files such as photos, audio files, videos, etc. More storage space also prevents frequent mobile slowdowns and crashes.


Essential Features of a Good Android Cleaner

The various essential features of an #Android #Cleaner are:

–          It scans your device for redundant files and deleted them to make your device completely clean.

–          It recovers lost storage space on your device.

–          It boosts your device speed by terminating the unnecessary processes running in the background.

–          It enhances the overall performance of your device.


Fundamental Features of ITL Phone Cleaner


ITL Phone Cleaner is an Android cleaner for mobiles and tablets which offers the following useful features:


  • Junk Cleaner

Fig. 2 – Junk Cleaner

The Junk Cleaner cleans the junk files taking up high storage space on your device. First, it scans all the junk files such as system cache, temp files, app cache, etc. on your device. It then cleans all these files, hence recovers a considerable amount of storage space on your device. Use the Junk Cleaner from time to time to get rid of useless files and regain space on your device.


  • Phone Booster

Your Android device may have unnecessary applications running in the background without you knowing about them. These apps and processes occupy your phone’s RAM, highly slows down your device and degrade its performance.


Fig.3 – Phone Booster

With the Phone Booster feature of this Android app, you can speed up your device’s performance to a great extent and get back your device to its usual working. This Android cleaner app makes your device faster and smoother like never before.


  • Battery Saver



Fig. 4 – Battery Saver


The Battery Saver feature extends your device’s battery to an unexceptional level through its various features.

–          It gives you accurate estimates about how much time battery time is left.

–          It alerts you whenever there are high battery consuming apps running in the background.

–          It allows you to create your own customized battery profiles.

–          It keeps your battery working for a longer time.


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  • Duplicates Cleaner

There can be many photos on your Android device which are similar to each other. This compromises your phone’s memory as well as its performance. Hence, you should get rid of these extra photos. Remove duplicates using the Duplicate Photos feature of ITL Phone Cleaner to get increased storage space and an organized gallery of photos on your device.



Fig. 5 – Duplicate Photo Cleaner


ITL Phone Cleaner scans all the similar and duplicate (exactly same) photos and selfies present on your device. You can then get rid of these duplicates and recover space you never knew about.


  •  Game Booster

At times, you may experience that your games are running slowly or crashing frequently. This highly degrades your gaming experience. Don’t worry! The Game Booster is designed to solve this problem.


Fig. 6 – Game Booster


 This feature terminates all the useless apps running in the background, hence increasing your phone’s RAM so that your games could load much faster.


ITL Phone Cleaner is the best Android Cleaner app which is available for free download on the Google Play Store. Download the app now to clean and optimize your phone.