27 Jun 2018

Junk Cleaner & Trash Manager

Lately, junk cleaners for Android have been at the receiving end of tremendous popularity. Thanks to apps like ITL Phone Cleaner (rated best & recommended by thousands of satisfied users) it has become possible to trust trash managers on the Play Store.

If you are clueless about what are we talking about, let’s take a quick detour.

First Stop!

Junk-cleaner-trash-Manager-for-androidFig.1 – Junk Cleaner – Trash Manger For Your Android Phone

What are junk cleaners?

A junk cleaner app is your counter to the ‘insufficient storage’ message that pops-up on your phone when you try to install a new app or click photos. It cleans junk files.


What are junk files?

Junk files are temporary files created on your phone while using various applications. These files do not do much good, rather fill up your space and slow down device’s performance. When a junk cleaner comes into play in this scenario, it scans and detects all residual junks on your phone and remove them, freeing RAM in the process.

Which Is The Best Phone Junk Cleaner App?

Google Play is filled with plenty of junk file cleaner apps for your Android phone. It is not possible to try all the apps (it’s time consuming and may even get frustrating at times). Which is why we are here, and that’s what we have done for you.

We have run a research to find out the best junk cleaner app available for Android. ITL Phone Cleaner passed user review test with ease. It is a free phone junk cleaner app that helps to scan junk files, offer memory boost and quite affirmatively makes your phone run faster than before.

Here’s how the app works. But first, how to get this app on your phone.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and search ITL Phone Cleaner.

Step 2: Tap on it and install ITL Phone Cleaner on your device.

Step 3: Open the app directly from the Google Play Store

Step 4: As you launch the app on your phone, the home screen displays its six basic features and with options to go to other extras. Following are what each feature does:

  • Junk Cleaner – Cleans junk files, residual data, system cache, application cache, apks, etc.
  • Phone Booster – Terminates heavy background app processes to boost performance.
  • Battery Saver – Displays battery time left, manages power consuming settings to extend battery life.
  • Duplicate Photos – Finds duplicate and similar looking images and removes them.
  • Social Media – Deletes sent and received files from social media apps.
  • Antivirus – Protects device data from viruses and other threats.

Step 5: To run deep junk cleaning on your phone, tap on Junk Cleaner to start the cleaning process. It may take from a few seconds to several minutes (depending on the amount of junk being stored on your phone)

Step 6: Once junk cleaning is done, the app will display how much space has been cleared.

Though ITL Phone Cleaner is available for free download, there is also a pro feature for the paid version. It is the complete no-ads version with key to premium features like Antivirus and Duplicate Photos Cleaner.

Best Junk Cleaning Features of ITL Phone Cleaner

Fig.2 – Cleaning Features Of ITL Phone Cleaner

What makes ITL Phone Cleaner unique is its deep junk cleaner module. It gives your device a comprehensive cleanup for more space and better speed. It uses an advanced cleaning technology to remove residual, junk and cache files with just a single tap. This cleaner app optimizes your device storage which makes it a great tool for you to own.

Another superb feature of this junk cleaner for android phone is it deletes unwanted data stored through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and other social media apps.

Summing up Junk Cleaner



ITL Phone Cleaner is among the best junk cleaner app and trash manager for Android. It is popular because of a reason. All the major features of this cleaner app are accessible with only a few taps.

It takes care of junk files by deleting them properly. It also targets residue files, temporary files and even obsolete APKs that are of no use to you. The application gives you a much cleaner and better running smartphone. It does an excellent job of cleaning, boosting and optimization.