27 Jun 2018

Ram Cleaner

Android phones and tablets are great to use as they have various advanced features and options which allow you to perform a number of tasks on them. As android devices are multitasking devices; hence, there could be many processes running in the background which could eat up your memory space and highly affect its performance. When an Android device performs poorly, it could lead to high battery draining, heating issues and low storage.

Reason Behind Slow Android Devices

It’s very common for Android phones to slow down and perform in a sluggish manner with increased usage. Android devices work in a very similar way to computers. Hence, just like any other device, Android devices also experience breakdowns. Problems like occupied RAM, full storage, slow processor, accumulated junk files, etc. are very common in an Android device. Thankfully, there are many applications available to help you boost your mobile phones by freeing up your device RAM. These are known as RAM Cleaners. They allow you to clear your phone RAM and boost its performance to a significant level.

Buying a brand new Android phone is very easy but maintaining it so that it performs like a new one is not so easy. In fact, most people use their phones very roughly. Generally, users install and uninstall new apps every now and then, and play lots of heavy games. With time, users start facing space issues, speed lags, quick battery loss, heating issues and even frequent crashes. The reason behind all these problems is the RAM issue.


Why is RAM Important?

RAM (Random Access Memory) plays a very important role for your Android device. But, most users ignore it and think that their Android problems are due to processor, OS updates, etc. Though these can be the issue sometimes but not always. When your phone is filled with active apps and processes (occupied RAM), then it may result in a slow device and other issues. Hence, if your device is buggy, one of the ways that you can increase its responsiveness is by clearing its RAM.This fairly simple process will shut down your active apps, clear any excess data and reset your applications to give you a faster device.

What is a RAM Cleaner App?

When there are too many apps running in the background, it is not possible to terminate each process manually. Instead, you can use a RAM Cleaner for this process. A RAM Cleaner app is an Android app which allows you to kill the active apps/processes and free up your device RAM, hence enhancing its performance.

There are numerous RAM cleaner apps available on the Google Play Store which can help you boost your mobile phones and increase their performance considerably. ITL Phone Cleaner is the best RAM cleaner app. It can help you free up your device RAM and boost the performance of your device. Just a single tap on a button can speed up your device to a great extent.

ITL Phone Cleaner can efficiently optimize memory usage of your Android device, free up physical RAM and make your device work better. It uses intelligent techniques to manage your device’s physical memory and use the RAM in a better way. It will help you free up phone RAM, prevent device crashes and keep it running more efficiently.


How does ITL Phone Cleaner Works as a RAM Cleaner?

When you use your phone, there could be several applications running in its background. These apps consume your phone’s RAM and hamper its performance. Therefore, you need a way to free up the RAM and boost your mobile phone. ITL Phone Cleaner, which is the best RAM cleaner app, speeds up the performance of your device by killing all the background processes and freeing up your device’s RAM. Just tapping on a button can give you a boosted device.

This RAM cleaner app for Android works well with almost any app you have on your phone. It is specifically designed to release RAM on your device so that your processor could be used for the apps that you really want to operate.

ITL Phone Cleaner is an excellent RAM cleaner and phone booster which enhances your Android performance by offering several optimization features. It is a complete solution for your Android device as it consists of several cool features to optimize your device in an efficient manner. Download the latest version of the app now to improve your device performance and keep it running like a new one.