27 Jun 2018

Virus Cleaner

Virus Cleaner – Protect Your Android Phone

The demand for Android devices is increasing day by day. Cybercriminals are taking great advantage of this increase in demand by developing malicious apps. Users download these malicious apps without knowing the dangerous effects these apps can cause on their devices. As there is so much valuable data now inside our Android phones, there is an increasing requirement to protect this data from all types of malicious software. Also Android as an operating system is not much secure, therefore it becomes very important to use virus cleaner and take the necessary steps to protect your device from malicious threats. Read the following article to gain complete information about Android malware, what are its malicious effects, how it enters your system, and tips to protect your Android device from viruses.

What is Android Malware?

Android -Malware   Malware is short for malicious software. A malware is a software which is created to fill up an Android device with malicious files, secretly control the device, and cause other malicious effects. Malware can lead to several malicious effects on your Android device such as:

  1.         It could create malicious files on your device.
  2.         It could violate your privacy by sending your personal data to unknown servers. It could collect sensitive data such as passwords,                        debit/credit card information,         financial and banking data, etc.
  3.         It could lead to degraded device performance.
  4.         It could erase or modify your data.

How Malware Enters your Android Device?

There are various ways and sources through which a malware could enter your device. Downloading apps from unknown sources. You should never download files and apps from third-party sources and websites as they are highly unreliable. Most of the sources which let you download apps for free often contain unsafe apps carrying Android viruses.   Even some Google Play Store apps are malicious! Yes, it is true. Google Play store is now becoming a common place for Android viruses and malware. Millions of Android phones get infected every day by getting these infected apps. Only recently, around 100 Android apps existing in the Google Play store were found to be malicious.

What is a Virus Cleaner?

Virus cleaner is a great utility to protect yourself and your devices from troublesome phone viruses. A virus cleaner app will search your phone for any existing malware, and at the same time examine new apps you download to ensure they are safe.   There are several #Antivirus #apps available in the market. These apps offer exclusive security solutions for your Android devices. They are specifically developed to protect your Android devices against Android viruses, #malicious #apps, potentially risky settings, theft and much more.   An Antivirus Cleaner for mobile is useful to keep your device security & privacy intact. It offers complete security for your Android devices.

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How Does ITL Phone Cleaner Acts as a Virus Cleaner?

ITL Phone Cleaner protects your Android devices by detecting malicious mobile viruses, preventing the attack of malware & ransomware and blocking Trojans from accessing or stealing your private data. ITL Phone Cleaner is a virus cleaner app which is available for free download on the Google Play Store and is built with a variety of features to protect your device and data.

ITL Phone Cleaner offers various features such as:

  •         Ability to scan your device for malware
  •         Scan newly installed apps and games for infections
  •         Offer real-time protection from all external threats

How a Virus Cleaner App Works?

A virus cleaner app protects your device by alerting you whenever you download any unsafe app. Apps which affect your privacy are also identified by such mobile Antivirus apps for Android. You can also take control of all your installed apps and protect your private & sensitive information.   Once the Antivirus app is installed, it runs silently to guard you against all the latest spyware, ransomware, adware, unsafe apps and other nasty infections. It will also alert you whenever you install any spyware or malware apps that could infect your smartphone.

Why should you Use a Virus Cleaner?

There are several good reasons to make use of an Antivirus app for Android.

  •         It gives you complete security against all malware threats such as adware, ransomware, spyware, Trojans, keyloggers, and other infections.
  •         It offers you real-time security to keep you protected against real-time threats.
  •         It provides an extra layer of protection.
  •         It helps you improve your device performance significantly through other useful features.


How ITL Phone Cleaner Protects your Android Device?

Mobile-Antivirus-App   ITL Phone Cleaner continuously scans your phone for malicious infections and prevailing threats. Just tap on the “Antivirus” option of ITL Phone Cleaner and it will scan your device for all malicious viruses. It will then give you the infections details and will clean all the infections in order to safeguard your device.   ITL Phone Cleaner is an Antivirus cleaner which is intuitively designed to protect your device in just one tap. This app ensures your device is free from viruses and is committed to your safety and privacy. With ITL Phone Cleaner, you don’t have to worry about viruses or unsafe downloads again.   ITL Phone Cleaner not only protects your privacy but also keeps your device optimized by offering several other features in addition to mobile safety. It lets you clean & optimize your device while protecting it at the same time. The Antivirus feature incorporated in this app scans all the installed apps to identify them for any threats. It offers real-time protection from the latest threats by scanning your device continuously.   ITL Phone CleanerInstall It Free

Tips to Prevent Viruses on Your Android Smartphone

Follow the given simple tips to protect all your Android devices from viruses:

  1.   The first and foremost thing that you should do is to keep your Android device up-to-date. Android’s security updates keep your smartphone safe from all types of threats and viruses.
  2.   Follow good web browsing practices.
  3. Always download apps from reputable and well-known sources like Google Play. Download apps from only from those websites which you completely trust. Check the ratings and read reviews to make sure the apps are widely used and trusted. Impostors usually disguise malware as innocent-looking mobile apps on Play store and websites.
  4.   Always download and use an Antivirus app for your Android.