What is Error Code 0 in Google Play Store and How to Fix it


Fix Error Code 0 in Google Play Store


The Google Play Store is the most secure place to get new apps and updates for games and apps. Downloading games and apps or updating any pre-installed app from Play Store is a routine activity for the users. But, recently many users faced a new issue while updating and downloading apps. This issue says The app is not downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting (Error code: 0)


Whenever user rushes into issues of these rare codes, either app malfunctions or it doesn’t work. Google Play Store errors are random numbers which might be due to updates, cache issues, stored data issues and account issues. Google presents a wide range of such play store error codes and few are listed below;



A best technical way to solve all the errors is to clear Play Store data and cache memory. Clearing cache memory gives your app a rebirth such that the app behaves as it did the first time of installation.


The cached data especially junk files of many Android apps consume a lot of storage space. On deleting this data safely, a user will get free storage space for downloading and installing other apps.


Cause of Error Code 0 in Android Device

After downloading any app or any game, Google Play Store will check file system permission for them. While installing if a user gives wrong file permissions to the app, it leads to Error Code 0. Hence, the source of the Error Code 0 is the file system permission of Google Play store and services.


Analysis of millions of apps shows that Google gives 235 different kinds of permissions to smartphone users. The most common permissions necessary for any app to function correctly are as follows;

  1. Internet Connectivity
  2. Body Sensors
  3. Calendar
  4. Camera
  5. Contacts
  6. Locations
  7. Microphone
  8. Storage
  9. Telephone
  10. SMS


What if the app doesn’t get permissions?

Every time you download an app, you need free storage space. If your smartphone has free space, then the app will download. Otherwise, it will not. Therefore, the root of the Error Code 0 is independent of your smartphone’s cache memory.


Suppose we are installing ‘Truecaller ID’ and don’t permit it to contacts, telephone and SMS then two things will happen;

  1. Whenever the user accesses the ‘Truecaller ID,’ he/she will be asked to permit the required permissions.
  2. If ‘Truecaller ID’ is not given permission then this app will have no use for a user.


In other cases, when a user cannot download many apps, the apps need all the permission from Google Play Store. However, if all the permissions mentioned above are closed then that app will not download. Therefore, our Android screen will show a pop-up of Error Code 0 message;



With the increase in apps at Play Store, new error codes are popping up. The issue of Error Code 0 is very common. Moreover, new Google Play’s latest version checks all the file system permissions before downloading an app.


In the new version, Google play has installed a SuperSu application that controls Android app root settings. A SuperSu is an advanced management tool which accesses required rights to the apps on your Android device. Therefore, to solve the Error Code 0 problem, fix the issues related to Google Play Store permissions.


Fix Error Code 0 Yourself

Fixing Error Code 0 on your device takes only seconds as it is not a very big task. To solve this issue, you had to grant the permissions to Google Play Store and services. To make your work easy, below are the steps to fix Error Code 0;


Fix Error Code 0 to Google Play Store

  • In your Android device, go to Settings and tap on it.
  • Now tap on Applications.
  • You will get a list of Applications; tap on Google Play Store.
  • In Google Play Store page, tap on App Permissions.
  • Within App permissions you will get multiple options like Contacts, Location, SMS, Telephone, etc.. On the right side of these options, there is a toggle switch.
  • Tap on all the toggle switches and turn them on. This action will permit all the options permanently for Google Play Store.

Permitting all options at a time will allow you to download an app. But, is there any requirement to permit all at once? The answer is No; because if you download camera from play store, then the only permission this app will need is body sensor, camera and microphone.

Also, the other permissions will have no use in such apps. Therefore, such kind of app requires only a few permissions.

Fix Error Code 0 to Google Play services

  • In your Android device, go to Settings and tap on it.
  • Now tap on Applications.
  • You will get a list of Applications; tap on Google Play Store.
  • In Google Play Store page, tap on App Permissions.
  • In App permissions, turn on only those options which are required.
    For example, Google Duo will need permissions to internet connectivity, body sensors, camera, microphone and contacts.

The above method is easy to fix those apps which are facing Error Code 0. If the above two method does not work, then you can set file permission with Android Debug Bridge.

Fix Error Code 0 by ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

  • Restart your Android device in “Recovery mode.” Hold the power and volume + button simultaneously to enter into recovery mode.
  • Connect your Android device with PC by the USB cable.
  • Open Command Window in your PC and type the following code sequentially.
    adb shell
    chown -R media_rw:media_rw /data/media/
    find /data/media/ -type d -exec chmod 775 {} ‘;’
    find /data/media/ -type f -exec chmod 664 {} ‘;’4)
    After each command do not forget to press enter.
  • Now restart your smartphone, set new changes and download the application from Google Play Store.

These were the three fixes which will correct Error Code 0 on your Android smartphone. Unfortunately, many a time a user may get the same error again and again even after fixing the error.

It can happen because of less storage space, issues in internet connectivity and Google account problems. Though these are minor issues but fixing them should be a priority.

After the latest updates to Google Play Store, there are more chances that the failed application will respond after getting help in troubleshooting problems.

Thus, to avoid minor issues, we have some troubleshoot advices to fix Error Code 0.

Troubleshooting Advice

It is very inconvenient when we see errors while downloading the apps. While some errors are solved quickly, some take time. In such cases, troubleshooting plays an important role as it gives a systematic way of finding secure solutions to smartphone issues.

To get help with the problems of errors, follow below troubleshooting steps.

Remove and Add Google Account


  • Open settings app and tap Accounts.
  • Tap on Google and remove the account you want.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, tap on Menu icon.
  • Tap on remove account. Your selected account will be removed.
  • Again go back to Settings and tap Accounts
  • Tap on Add Account > Google
  • Follow the instructions and add your account.
  • Sign-in with the new Google account

Once the account is added, restart your device and download the failed application again.

Clean Cache Memory and Data


  • Go to Settings and tap on Apps.
  • In the Apps section find your Google Play Store App.
  • Tap on Storage and clear your cache memory and data.
  • To uninstall updates, tap on Uninstall updates.

After uninstalling updates, reinstall the latest updates of the new Google Play Store. The new version gives liberty to the users to select permissions manually for an app. But, remember to have a good internet connection.

Google Play Store troubleshooter can also help you in fixing Error Code 0. As mentioned earlier, Error Code 0 is not a big task and needs only a little bit of attention. All the above methods will work on both the Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

Try all the tricks and share your experience with us in the below comment section. We always appreciate your response.

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