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7 of every 10 people are using the Android platform today. And due to this rapid widespread, there is also progress in viruses and malware breakout – which you need to watch out for.

Be that as it may, the mobile security system isn’t just limited to normal antivirus scan or personal files protection.

Today, hackers have been reaching everywhere from personal data tracking, online transaction, online shopping, cloud backup, calls, SMS to multi-users apps and much more (thus raising the demand for mobile antivirus apps).

If you’re not using a virus cleaner, you are always at risk of running malware and virus infected apps on your phone. Luckily, the Play Store houses a wide variety of antivirus for Android apps to choose from so you can prevent viruses and detect them on time. But are they really offering security to your Android?


The Best Antivirus app (Virus Cleaner) For Android

If you want a total mobile security suit, you have to consider the above issues. It should provide versatile security for your Android phone.

Let’s make your search easier while we bring you the best free mobile antivirus (ITL Antivirus app) which also comes with added privacy and anti-theft features.

Download – ITL Phone Cleaner App (The Best Android Optimizer App) With Antivirus


Why makes ITL Mobile Antivirus the best Antivirus for Android?



Coming back to the virus scanning features of ITL Mobile Antivirus, you get to protect as many apps as you want in real time and set up customizable profiles for the scanning process. There’s a white list feature that allows you to skip scan for applications that you find are safe.

ITL Antivirus app has scored an impressive 99.9% in real-time protection test and detection of general malware.  Along with deep virus scan, instant notification and the awesome whitelist feature, this antivirus for Android  adds up to a well-rounded package.

What are the basic highlights of ITL Antivirus app?

ITL Antivirus application is the hands down security apps you need to have. The virus definition gets updates quite often making it stand out in its niche. Following are the major features of the virus cleaner:

  •         It prevents virus and malware infected app installations.
  •         It will scan and protect your personal data in real time.
  •         The antivirus algorithm is updated frequently for better combat.
  •         It will help you in defense of your smartphone by making sure no virus infect it.
  •         The virus cleaner will perform deep scan and offer a protective shield.
  •         You receive instant notification whenever you are about to install a virus infected app.
  •         The whitelist feature lets you add files you consider are safe from threats.

With powerful anti-malware features equipped to erase all your infected file, ITL Mobile Antivirus is the best security app for your Android smartphone.

The antivirus for Android offers privacy protection and a lot more.

The powerful anti-malware app erase all infected file with ease. It has a user-friendly UI and comprehensive, optimized options that makes it stand out.



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