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Why pay for Netflix or Amazon Video when you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free?


Yes! You read it right.


There are a lot of free alternatives (apart from YouTube) doing the rounds on the internet that won’t even land you on dodgy websites and torrenting software. No distractions, complete fun.


In this app era, you just cannot afford to miss out on these six most popular movies and TV shows streaming apps for on Android. It’s about to get exciting. Read on!


6 Best Free Movie Streaming Android Apps

  1. CBS




Go to the Google Play Store and get the CBS app for free. It offers you the option to stream as many shows as you want without the need to verify your cable TV subscription credentials.


Yes, the same CBS that produces hit sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Elementary, The Good Wife, Two and a Half Men and late night hits like The Late Show with David Letterman and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Did a smile just cross past your face? Well, ours did.

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  1. The CW Network



Up for shows like America’s Next Top Model, Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries? The CW Network won’t disappoint. This one too does not need your cable TV subscription credentials but has a lot of ads. Come on. It’s a small price to pay.

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  1. History




The good old History Channel is also available as an Android app. Shows you ask? The plethora includes American Pickers, Gangland, Mountain Men, Ice Road Trucker and old episodes of Top Gear. If you are a fan of neat features, there are shows like WWII or Ancient History to serve your purpose. There will be ads. But then again, you won’t care much.

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  1. Crackle




Crackle is another free app available for Android users. Apart from some popular original content like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, to keep the audience glued, it is updated with new TV shows and movies every month. You can also share videos on social media sites.

Another advantage of this video streaming app is you can pause a movie on one device and resume on another. Wow! Indeed.

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  1. Tubi TV




Tubi TV is perhaps one of the most punctual Android apps that stream movies for free. It has over 200 partners that stream content and keeps updating the app every week. All you need is to log in through your ID on the Play Store, and you can get the app.


The UI is simple and wonderfully catchy. Just as the splash screen fizzes out, all its featured contents are displayed. On the navigation menu, there is a search bar. Not to forget the Newsfeed section displaying the latest news and announcements on latest shows.

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  1. YouTube


Last but not the least, the most recommended and everyone’s favorite YouTube. Plus there are high chances that you probably already have this app on your phone. YouTube also offers a host of movies and originals for free. If your favorite movie belongs in the public domain, you will find it on the YouTube as well.


An advice – don’t just stick to those classic hits. Explore your options. Today, a number of independent filmmakers use YouTube to display their work. A lot of them are amazing as well. You can easily turn it into a powerful movie streaming platform at your discretion. Keep the app updated and use the latest version.

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Final Thoughts

These are the best free movies and TV shows streaming app suggestions for your Android phone. All of them are our favorites. Take your pick.


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