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Alexa is a cloud-based voice service by Amazon which is available on several devices from Amazon and other third-party device manufacturers. Alexa can stream music through any of your Alexa devices. One such device is the Amazon Echo.

With Amazon Echo and Amazon’s Prime Music streaming service (this service is free for Prime members), you can easily command Alexa to play any song or playlist. Just register your Alexa device to your Amazon account and get access to your Amazon Music library.

You can also use Amazon’s other service, Music Unlimited, pricing for $7.99 a month for Prime members. This service gives you access to a wide variety of songs including advanced Alexa skills.

Procedure to Play Amazon Music Using Alexa

Follow the given steps to access playlists through the Alexa app or by using voice commands:

  1. Launch the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Open the menu on the top left.
  3. Select “Music, Video, & Books.”
  4. Tap on “music unlimited.”
  5. Select the “PLAYLISTS” tab shown on the top right.
  6. You will see four categories- Mood & Activities, Genres, Artists, and Decade. Choose any.
  7. Then, select a type from the available options.
  8. Now, pick any playlist, and it would start playing on your device. You can control playback by tapping on the Now Playing tab (it looks like a graphic equalizer) at the bottom.
  9. Through this screen, you can access the various controls such as- play/pause, skip, forward/backward, shuffle/repeat, and volume. You can also tap the “QUEUE” tab at the top middle to find upcoming songs or the “HISTORY” tab at the top right to find which songs just played.
  10. You can also use voice commands to play, pause, or skip tracks. You can simply say “Alexa, play playlist of Top 5 Country Songs.”

If any song, artist, album, genre, or playlist is not available in How To Use Alexa To Play Amazon Music, Alexa searches the Amazon Music catalog or the Digital Music Store when available.

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Which Music Commands Can I Use With Alexa?

Basic Music Commands

Some examples of basic music commands for Alexa are:

  • “Play” or “Resume”
  • “Stop” or “Pause”
  • “Shuffle” or “Stop shuffle.”


Advanced Music Commands

Some examples of advanced music commands for Alexa are:

  • “Play music.”
  • “Play what’s trending in Canada.”
  • “Play songs from the Nineties.”
  • “Create a playlist.”
  • “Play a Prime Playlist.”
  • “Block explicit songs.” / “Stop blocking explicit songs.”


Customized Music Commands

You can also use the following customized music commands

  • “Play [PLAYLIST_NAME].”
  • “Show me [SONG_NAME/ PLAYLIST_NAME/ GENRE_NAME] from Prime Music.”
  • “Play [SONG_NAME] from Prime Music.”
  • “Who’s the lead singer of this [BAND_NAME]?”
  • “Play [STATION_NAME.].”


Explicit Filter

With Explicit Filter, all Alexa-enabled devices on your account are blocked from playing songs with explicit lyrics. You can learn more by going to Explicit Filter on your device.


Music Services

Alexa supports a variety of free and subscription-based streaming services on Amazon devices. To see which services are available for your location, go to the Music section in your Alexa app. To listen to music services, you need to link your Alexa account with the respective service provider.



  • Some music services are not available on few Alexa-enabled products (manufactured by other companies).
  • Some Alexa features and services may also vary according to the country.


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