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World education is going through a radical change at the moment. Factors like emerging tech innovations and student mobility have been providing wonderful opportunity in education.

Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT is not an alien concept anymore. And it has been great for students.

How so?

With virtual personal assistants, IoT offers more opportunities to learn. More engagements are leading to better results. Coming up five distinct ways in which IoT is rapidly changing the way education is perceived by the world.

How is IOT changing world education? Five ways

IoT comes with limitless opportunities. It is only a matter of time that the education industry will change forever. Let’s figure out how:

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  1. There will be devices for automated tasks.

Students have been using their smartphones for more than ever. They even like using them in the classroom. Smart devices and internet make tasks easier. They use laptops for taking notes now. IoT has also been making scheduling time-table and conducting research faster and more efficient. A lot of schools have already started to switch to smart technology like tablets and laptops. This has been miraculously minimizing operating expenses along with carbon footprint.


  1. Upgraded teaching processes

With technology connecting professors and students around the world, the system couldn’t get better. Educators have their devices connected to the cloud. They can scrutinize and detect students that require more attention. It has also made grading faster, easier, less biased and more efficient. Teachers can plan lessons, adjust schedules and more.


  1. Improved learning tactics

Unlike the olden days, students no longer need to borrow books or go to the library to collect information to complete their project. Everything is easily accessible within minutes. Students can even supplement their classroom education and keep themselves updated with latest happening or histories of the world. There is always the option to verify information at their fingertips.


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  1. Special education for specially-abled kids

If you know about special kids, we are sure you must know about the huge impact of technology on their education. Autistic kids are good with tablets because they respond very well to them. IoT has a big role to play for kids with ADHD, dyslexia or other learning impairments. Smart schools are being set up to educate such children. And the good news is, the public, in general, are becoming more considerate and open towards them. Progress indeed!


  1. Better the security, lesser the concern

Internet of things has made things easier and less painful for parents. With technologies like GPS and GeoFencing, it is possible to track a kid’s location in real-time and make sure that they are not anywhere unsafe. Big relieve, isn’t it?  School bus schedules are regulated through smart tech leaving no much scope for loopholes. Parents can track their kids during field trips.

To sum up

This intense connectivity via. Internet of Things is rapidly changing the world around us. Many new methods are already being introduced for teaching and managing classrooms. Latest tools like interactive whiteboards, 3-D printers, smartphones and tablets, e-books, advanced HVAC systems, better temperature sensors, sensors to control room temperature, tech to track attendance, wireless door locks, electric lighting, security cameras and maintenance tools and are in talks and implementation right now.


With software development tools accompanied by IOT, the scope of education and learning has got a lot better and efficient. Few of the perks include enhanced physical security, energy efficiency, easy availability and increased connectivity, However, it narrows down to parents and schools on how to incorporate this smart technology to bring its full potential. The future is bright.

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