Six Questions About ITL Phone Cleaner, Answered


Thanks to its popularity, Android has undergone a drastic change over the years. It is getting better than ever at managing storage space and cached data. But, is yet not perfect and has a long way to go. Best phone cleaner apps like the ITL Phone Cleaner is at the receiving end of immense popularity, testifying that users actually need them.


And while we are at it, let’s talk about this popular Android cleaner, the ITL Phone Cleaner. This utility app has become quite the hit among users on the Google Play Store. A 4.7-star rating speaks it all.


What does the app do? In simple words, ITL Phone Cleaner cleans your phone. It removes junk files from your Android device, free space, and boost speed. And no, it’s not it! There’s more…


The application is a blend of several features including junk cleaner, phone cleaner, social cleaner, duplicate photos remover, battery saver, antivirus, app manager, game booster and CPU cleaner.


We have gone through hundreds of user feedback on different platforms – Facebook, blog posts, tweets, Google Play to find out the most asked questions about ITL Phone Cleaner.


Top 6 questions people ask about ITL Phone Cleaner


  1. How is ITL Phone Cleaner different from other cleaning tools?


Answer: For starters, ITL Phone Cleaner has a one-tap boost feature that does most of the trick to clean and boost your phone. It is concerned with removing junk files and leftover data from apps that have been uninstalled from your device.


ITL Phone Cleaner allows you to:

  • Browser your device and find out cached data, junk files, and empty folders.
  • Remove unwanted files from your device.
  • Manage both installed apps and system apps on your phone.
  • Detects apks and backs them up for future restore.
  • Fixed battery-related problems to extend battery life.
  • Get a detailed overview of devices storage.
  • Find out CPU temperature and keep it under control.
  • Detect duplicate and similar looking photos and delete them.


All-in-all, the ITL Phone Cleaner is a fundamentally different tool that does more than just cleaning. The interface is very well-designed and is easy-to-use. It saves a significant portion of your time that you otherwise waste in cleaning manually.


  1. What does junk file mean? Where do they come from?


Answer : Junk files are residual files left behind by uninstalled apps. When we remove applications from our device, certain files are left in the phone memory. These are examples of junk files that taking up space unnecessarily.


ITL Phone Cleaner does a lot of cleaning when it comes to junk files. Not only it removes apks but also takes care of temporary files that build up over time and cause the storage to clog.


  1. Can ITL Phone Cleaner delete duplicate photos from my phone gallery?


Answer : Yes, it can. ITL Phone Cleaner has a duplicate photos cleaner feature that separates duplicate and similar looking images and lets you to delete them.


ITL Phone Cleaner knows which pictures you would like to keep and which to delete. It will bring a break down of all such photos at your disposal.


However, note that this Android cleaner won’t do anything without your permission. You’ll have to initiate the first step.  And when you are through, you will get a lot more free space than expected.


  1. What goes behind the functioning of the phone booster?


Answer :  ITL Phone cleaner can detect unwanted apps that drain your battery. Its advanced speed optimization and booster technique stops redundant background tasks and terminates unnecessary apps running in the background.


The end result is a cleaner and smoother running smartphone.  You can boost your phone with just a single tap, and the result is noticeable in only a few seconds.


  1. How effective is your antivirus feature?


Answer :  Virus is a software that is programmed to replicate itself on the host platform. Malware is a malicious attempt sent by the developer against the user. Malware is a common threat to Android users. Why? Since Android is an open platform, anyone can make a fake Android app with malicious intent and make it available for users.


In most cases, the user himself is responsible for installing a virus on his device. ITL Phone Cleaner’s antivirus tool is an attempt to take care of malware and viruses and keep them from harming your personal data.


This virus removing application protects your phone from unauthorized access and overs overall security for your Android device. It detects viruses in real-time and makes sure your device is always at its peak performance. Here’s what the antivirus does:


  • It scans all applications installed on your device and offers protection from crucial threats.
  • It detects malicious programs and offers the option to delete them.
  • It provides a protective shield against virus attack in real-time.


  1. How does the battery saver work?


Answer :  ITL Phone Cleaner’s battery saver module lets you make the most of your battery life by reducing its draining capacity. It finds onscreen foreground apps that are draining your battery quickly. The application shows the real-time current charge left and mAh usage statistics. It does exactly what it advertises.


Apart from battery capacity, it also displays phone temperature and remaining battery life in percentage. It is programmed to manage your phone data intelligently whose end result is extended battery life by up to 50%.


Here’s how the battery saver works:


ITL Phone Cleaner offers three basic attributes viz. Battery Profile, Battery Saver, and Custom Battery Saver to take care of your battery life.


Under the Battery Profile, you can choose between Default and Battery Saver mode. The default mode is where parameters like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, timeout, auto sync, vibration, and brightness is turned on and under battery saver mode, they are turned off. You can also custom add a new profile for your convenience.


Taking its popularity into consideration, it can be rightfully said that ITL Phone Cleaner does a very good job. So, lately, if your phone is running low on memory, you know that solution now. Get this best Android cleaner and optimizer from the Play Store.


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