Now Use Technology In Recruitment To Get Best Employees


Needless-to-say, Human Resources (HR) is the most important department in any organization. They are the people that post jobs, view assessments, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, and hire new employees.

With technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking the forefront today, recruitment practices too have expanded to include new ways of placing candidates onto a desirable workplace.  A lot of upgrades are being implemented to speed up the hiring process.

So, you need to understand how new channels work to stay on top of seamless onboarding. If you are new in the game or wish to dig deeper for that matter, here are seven tricks on how to incorporate new technology into the recruitment process.


7 Tips To Use Technology For Hiring Employees


  1. Use the power of social media

Assuming social media is something you are comfortable with (which we definitely believe you are!), why not use it to your advantage? With popular platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube gaining recognition as powerful tools for recruitment and employer branding, identify your prospects and invest wisely.


  1. Include videos in the branding process

Authentic videos depicting an organization’s work culture never go unnoticed. But commercial productions may burn a big hole. So, here an idea (nay!) rather a fun activity. Organize a film festival contest and ask your employees to come up with short videos depicting what it’s like to work in the organization. Later, post the winning videos on your social media handle.


  1. Conduct video interviews

With the world turning into a high-tech global village, facetiming is no longer an alien phrase. So, here’s our giveaway. Use remote video interviews to assess out-of-station candidates. Advantages? One. You save on travel costs. Two. Scheduling interviews get amazingly easy.


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  1. Remote College Recruitment

You don’t need to spend your valuable time and money visiting college campuses anymore. There are online job fairs, social media contests and mobile phone communications that can do the trick for you. Hire the best interns and employees from anywhere around the world.


  1. Make AI an integral part of the process

AI can be a big advantage for the hiring process if used right. You can screen candidates, and select interviewees without bias with this smart system (plus) save a significant amount of time. AI integrated chatbots can be functioned to focus on criteria like experience, qualifications, and skills. With no human interference comes no discrimination. Totally unbiased!


  1. Use the pocket-friendly mobile platform

As the most powerful and convenient communications platform, mobile phones are a great aid in recruiting. You can send and receive messages via text, voice, picture, and video (thanks to its extreme flexibility). And since it can be accessed directly on-the-go, why not share your corporate career website too through this medium?


  1.  Automated reports help a great deal too

As a recruitment manager, you must be dealing with a large pool of candidates and working on multiple job profiles simultaneously. To stay on top of your game, you need to keep tab of which jobs are getting closed fast and which requires more work. With automated technology, you can make reports and get it delivered automatically at regular intervals.


Takeaways from technology

As a hiring manager, we understand that streamlining the recruitment process is your top priority and you cannot afford to undermine it. Incorporating technology into every step of the recruitment process can help a great deal.

With the likes of automated interview scheduling, technology can effectively boost the hiring process. There are screening software available that screens and shortlists candidates for you based on existing employees’ experience and skills. Such is the power of technology.

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